River City Frozen Beverages

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Delivery and Setup
in Most of the Austin Metro Area



Question:  Do you provide the alcohol?
Answer:   We provide the beverage mix (which are available at $25 each) and the machines. You will be responsible for providing the alcohol and we will guide you on the quantity needed for your order.

Question:  How many flavors can I choose?
Answer:   Each machine has two side by side freezing bowls so you can select up to two flavors per machine rented. Flavors are available at $25 each.

Question:  Where do you deliver?
Answer:   We provide delivery to the greater Austin Metro Area. Our basic rental fee includes free delivery, setup and pickup within 20 miles of Georgetown.  Contact us for a personal quote for extended delivery distance. 

Question:  What forms of payment do you accept?
Answer:   We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express and Discover.  We collect your billing information at the time of order and generally process your payment 1-2 weeks before your event date.  

Question:  What are the electricity requirements to power your machines?
Answer:   Our machines run on a standard 110 volt circuit.  However, it is important that the circuit is dedicted to the machines only and not running microwaves, refrigerators or other appliances to avoid power interruption and possible damage.

Question:  Can I set the machine on a card table?
Answer:   Each machine can weigh over 150 pounds when filled so they need to be supported by a sturdy counter, table, bar or buffet table. We will not setup our equipment on lightweight or collapsible surfaces that could result in damage.

Question:  Do I need to provide cups or straws?
Answer:   We have found many people prefer to provide their own cups and straws, but they are available for order upon request.

Question:  How long do the machines need to freeze?
Answer:   The machines require approximately 2+ hours to fully freeze before serving.  We will coordinate our delivery to ensure sufficient time for freezing before your event.

QuestionDo you need access to water on site?
Answer:   Yes, we will need on site access to drinking water in order to mix our concentrate. If water access is not available, we will advise you on how many gallons of bottled water you will need to provide.